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As you may know. the American Telecommuting Association is the first and largest membership organization devoted to meeting the needs and improving the lives of individuals who are telecommuting, or who would like to be. To help current and future telecommuters be more successful, we try to offer one of the best and most effective training packages anywhere.

Our General Plan for ATA Telecommuting Training Is As Follows:

  1. Discuss overall needs of client

  2. Blanket telecommuting candidates with our exclusiveTelecommuting Affinity Index.

  3. We evaluate the TA-Index results for training purposes.

  4. We send you a written report on the results of the TA-Index.

  5. We prepare training for the group, both Basic and Specific.

Basic Telecommuting Training from the ATA:

  • What is telecommuting?

  • Where has it worked well? poorly?

  • What is the telecommuting process?

  • What technology does it use?

  • What are the interpersonal needs for telecommuting?

  • Technology and resource issues.

  • How to manage telecommuters (where appropriate).

  • How is telecommuting different from working at the office.

  • Work-related issues.

  • Home-related issues.

Specific Telecommuting Training from the ATA ( Based On Initial Responses To The TA-Index and On Follow-Ups From ATA Staff ):

  • Addressing revealed motivational needs.

  • Addressing revealed emotional/satisfaction needs.

  • Addressing revealed time management needs.

  • Addressing revealed mental/planning needs.

  • Addressing revealed communications needs.

  • Addressing revealed weakness in ability to work independently.

  • Addressing revealed travel/transportation needs.

  • Addressing revealed relationship/group needs.

  • Addressing revealed technological needs.

The ATA provides a one day training regimen on your premises

  • Session 1 for Telecommuters (1-2 hours or until done):
    - Communications for telecommuters
    - Data security, safety and ergonomics for telecommuters
    - Home offices for telecommuters
    - Is telecommuting for you?
    - Scheduling and planning work for telecommuters
    - Staying visible as a telecommuter in the corporate structure
    - Training family, friends and neighbors to support telecommuters
    - Working effectively toward telecommuters' deliverables
    - More....

  • Session 1 for Supervisors of Telecommuters (1-2 hours or until done):
    - Communicating with the telecommuter
    - Evaluating the distant worker
    - Getting great performance from the telecommuter
    - Promoting the telecommuter on merit
    - Selecting or approving the applicant for telecommuting
    - Supervising the telecommuter
    - Troubleshooting the telecommuter
    - More....

  • Session 2 for Supervisors and Telecommuters (2-3 hours or until done):
    - Covering corporate office chores and responsibilities when telecommuters are working away from the office
    - Fail-safe procedures for supervising telecommuters
    - On handling meetings when telecommuters are in the work group
    - Planning a telecommuting schedule
    - Planning the work to be done by telecommuters
    - Technical issues for telecommuters
    - Warming up for telecommuting
    - More....

Time Frame: To Be Determined
Cost: Call For Quote

Stay tuned to this Web-site for regular updates as we develop and improve our training programs and methods.


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