The American Telecommuting Association Presents "Effectiveness-Building Forms For Telecommuters"


Telecommuting Time Log

This is a simple form to help you keep track of the time you spend working as a telecommuter.

In the conveniently arranged spaces for each day, note the time you start working as a telecommuter, the projects and tasks you tackle, and the time you stop working. If you work some hours in the morning, some in the afternoon, and more hours later in the evening, note them all in sequence.

Because some telecommuters work rather unusual hours, we've left the spaces blank so you can fill in the hours you work during the day, whatever they may be.

Savings From Telecommuting

This form is specially designed to help telecommuters keep track of how much they save each day in time, money, frustration, automobile exhaust, and other unwanted expenditures.

Get help from those you live with, as well as your friends, co-workers, and colleagues, because you may not notice on your own all the savings that telecommuting brings you.

To Do While Telecommuting

One of the biggest obstacles to successful telecommuting is getting bogged down in unimportant work, letting slide the high-priority, high-value projects on which you should be concentrating.

Start keeping this list immediately, and update it at least once a week -- or more often if you feel it's necessary.

By making, and checking, this list of things to do while telecommuting, you'll be in a better position to work on the projects that you feel are important, rather than the projects that seem to be demanding the most attention.

Telecommuting Phone Log

Communications are a major priority, and critically important for success in telecommuters. This form is intended to help you keep track of telephone calls you must return, when you need to contact certain people, and what you want to discuss with each of them.

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