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Telecommuter Appreciation Week


 As we have done every year since 1993, the American Telecommuting Association is declaring "Telecommuter Appreciation Week". In 2020, "Telecommuter Appreciation Week" falls on the period from March 1 through March 7 (in homage to Alexander Graham Bell, whose birthday is March 3rd).

This is the week in which the ATA supports various promotional activities designed to call attention to the "win win win" benefits that arise when people telecommute:

  • The individual and family benefit from saved time, lower commuting expenses, reduced stress, more scheduling flexibility, greater satisfaction regarding work, and the pleasure of spending more time together.
  • The employer benefits from greater productivity, loyalty and job satisfaction, a stronger focus on job performance, better recruiting and longer retention of the most productive employees, and reduced overhead and facility expenses.
  • Society as a whole benefits from reduced traffic congestion, minimized air pollution, lower requirements for (and strain on) transportation infrastructure, and decreased demand for scarce and non-renewable resources like fossil fuels.

The ATA calls on employers and organizations to celebrate "Telecommuter Appreciation Week" with educational and other programs aimed at a similar purpose.

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